I hate these “mini Abe” commercials

June 6, 2014 at 3:03 pm (Pop Blitz) (, , )

There is a series of these commercials for  the Illinois office of Tourism and they just plain suck. It’s like the guys (yes, guys) at the ad agency smoked a bunch of weed while watching Robot Chicken and they got confused. Work and weekend shenanigans do not mix, fellas! President Lincoln is not a cartoon character and should not be treated like a Ken doll or G.I. Joe. I’m not sure any U.S. president deserves such treatment, even the ones who weren’t great. It makes me want to boycott Illinois . . . except that’s where I happen to live.  Illinois Office of Tourism and Gov. Quinn, what have YOU been smoking?




1 Comment

  1. Patrick said,

    Get over yourself. They’re fun.
    And I live in Illinois too.

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